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PHOIX CO., Ltd.  

sealing machines cup sealer
Professional Sealing Machines & Sealing Films Supplier

sealing machine cup sealer


Sealing Machines


     PHOIX CO., Ltd.,is a professional sealing machine and sealing film OEM supplier. We specialize in designing and supplying packaging machines and materials with high quality, efficiency and sustainabilty. All these are in order to satisfy our customers’ demands and meet the environmental related regulations. 

sealing film tray film            sealing film tray film


Efficiency, Quality & Sustainability


      It has been more than a decade that we constantly devote to develop more efficient and reliable sealing machines as well as seeking food-safety, eco-friendly and sustainable packaging materials for the right usage of our sealing films. We can also asure that our machines are highly efficientuser-friendly, low maintenance-rate required and we have the most competitive prices in the market.

      We also provide other models such as Liquid Filling Machines and Bigger Sealing Machines for mass production.  


Sealing Films & Our Customization Service

 sealing film. plastic sealing film.

      As for our sealing films, they are produced and tested through the highest standard of food-safety related regulations.


      Why using Sealing Films? Using sealing films instead of lids or tray cover could greatly reduce the required storage space for packaging material as well as the amount of waste that is generated from packaging. PHOIX has been working hard on making innovative and sustainable ways of packaging that can meet our customers' needs and at the same time meet our social and environmental commitments.






We also provide Customized films service in order to give a better brand image and add value to our customers' products. 








Our machines by sizes.



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Cup Sealing Machine
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